Sanctuary for Life

  Melanie was 38 years old and pregnant with her first child. She and the baby’s father came in together for their first counseling session. They were not in a long-term dating relationship, and the pressure of this unexpected and unintended pregnancy had pushed their relationship to a breaking point. They were truly unsure of […]

Maternity Counseling

“Zoe” came to Catholic Charities when she was four months pregnant with twins.  She was a single, working mother of three boys, including one child with special medical needs, and was struggling to afford transportation and living expenses for her young family.  Zoe couldn’t even imagine how the addition of two more children would affect […]

An Adoption Story

Six years ago, late one Wednesday afternoon, Kim Bertrand received a phone call that would change her life forever. On that day, she and her husband Sterling became parents. “I was working late. The office was almost deserted,” said Kim. “I immediately called Sterling and told him we had a son, and we could bring […]