Openess in Adoption

Communication is the gateway to a successful adoption experience. We want you to know your options within an adoption plan. Issues such as choosing the couple, meeting the couple, inviting them to the birth, and different degrees of openness are discussed with the guidance of our social worker and decided upon with input from the adoptive parents. When you and the adoptive parents have similar expectations of what your futures hold and how to implement the plan which you have created together, it is called a mutual fit. Such a connection can be the beginning of your healing process. Through expressing and addressing your needs with the support of our agency, you can now transition from uncertainty to peace as you are comforted by the idea that your child will be loved, nurtured, and safe.

We recognize that making an adoption plan is nothing less than a leap of faith. The unknown can be very scary. Many birthmothers today choose openness in their adoption, where letters and pictures are exchanged and occasional visits are scheduled. Openness in adoption is available to confirm in your heart that you made the right decision for yourself and your baby. Still, other birthmothers choose a closed adoption, where no information is exchanged and visits do not take place. Our agency is prepared to support and honor whatever design you choose for your adoption plan. Regardless of your plan or your reasons, choosing what is right for you will help you to heal more gracefully.