The Process


  1. Submit an Adoptive Parent Inquiry through our homepage.
  2. Through My Adoption Portal, provide preliminary information and review our guidelines for both domestic and international adoptions.
  3. Complete our Pre-Application through My Adoption Portal and submit the corresponding fee.
  4. Your completed pre-application is reviewed and acknowledged by the agency, then filed until eligible for group training program.
  5. The agency will contact eligible pre-applicants when ready to begin group training program.  The training program fee is due prior to the first session.
  6. Following completion of group training program, applicants complete the formal application and submit it with required documentation and the home study fee.
  7. References and criminal records clearances are requested by Agency.
  8. Home study process continues, to include a minimum of four interviews and any further documentation or assessment recommended.
  9. Once the home study is completed, you will create a profile book and will then be awaiting a match with an expectant/birth family.