Why should I choose Catholic Charities as my agency?

Catholic Charities has been providing adoption services for more than 50 years, and our experienced staff have all completed a post-graduate level course in Adoption Competence. We are a Hague Accredited agency and are committed to ethical, competent adoption services.

Do you have to be Catholic to adopt through Catholic Charities?

No, you do not have to be Catholic to adopt through Catholic Charities.

What is international or inter-country adoption?

Intercountry adoption is adopting a child from a country other than your own through permanent, legal means. Catholic Charities works with families who adopt from a variety of countries, including China, Uganda, Ethiopia and the Philippines.

Who can be adopted?

Adoption laws vary by country and in order to be adopted, a child must qualify for adoption under the laws of his or her birth country. For more information visit the US Department of State website about Intercountry Adoptions.

Who can adopt?

Adoption laws vary by country and in order to adopt, a person must qualify for adoption under the laws of the placing country. For basic requirements, visit the US Department of State website about Intercountry Adoptions.

Do I have to work with another agency or can CCDBR handle everything for me?

For international adoptions, you will need to choose a placing agency to serve as the Adoption Service Provider. Catholic Charities can refer you to one of our partner agencies.

Am I required to attend any training sessions?

Families adopting through Catholic Charities are required to attend a 10-hour training course. This Hague-compliant course is offered once a quarter and consists of two days of group training.

What is the Hague Convention?

The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption is an agreement that sets guidelines for intercountry adoption with the goal of protecting children being adopted. In 2008, the Hague Convention took effect in the U.S. and adoption agencies were accredited to meet standards set forth by the Hague.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge first received Hague accreditation through the Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, Inc. (IAAME) on April 1, 2008. We are accredited until March 31, 2026.

Currently, CCDBR works with a number of agencies to offer services for intercountry adoption to families in the state of Louisiana.

What is the Universal Accreditation Act (UAA) of 2012?

The Universal Accreditation Act took effect on July 14, 2014 and requires all intercountry adoptions in the U.S. to meet Hague standards.

Partner Placing Agencies:

All God’s Children International

Catholic Charities Baltimore

Great Wall China Adoptions

Holt International

Wide Horizons for Children

For more information about the Hague Convention, please visit



What does an adoption cost?

For international adoptions, fees vary by country. Families also pay fees to placing agencies which vary depending on the agency they choose. Click here to view Catholic Charities International Adoption fees. Here are some excellent resources to help out with the costs:

I don’t make very much money. Can I still adopt?

USCIS and some foreign governments have income requirements. Please click here to email our international social workers to discuss your specific situation.

I have another question that I don’t see listed here?

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