Meet Robin and Christopher

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. Robin and Christopher bonded over a shared love of history and music and wed in Disney in 2018. Christopher was adopted, so we have always been open to adoption to begin our family. We consider ourselves fortunate to live within an hour drive of family and five minutes from friends who we consider family. We love to get together for parties, birthdays, LSU tailgates, holidays, and extended family vacations. There are lots of family members waiting to love your little one. We love to watch sports, movies, play tennis, and cook together. We also geek out over all things’ history. The decision you are making, whether you select us or not, is remarkable and we will make sure your baby always knows that you were courageous and loved them selflessly. We know you are making the ultimate sacrifice for your child and we are humbled, grateful and ready to be part of the journey.