Counseling and Emotional Support

You may be feeling lost, scared and confused. In such a state of hopelessness, it is difficult to know you have options and to believe you have the power to choose what is right for you and your unborn child. With our free supportive counseling, you can tap into your strengths and find your way through the challenges and, perhaps, the rewards of your unplanned pregnancy. You can explore your options which enable you to make an informed decision regarding you and your child’s future. You can also meet with your counselor as often as you like. We can help you with finding living arrangements. We can also refer you to community resources. We are here to help you through your pregnancy and to help see that your needs are met regardless of your choice to make an adoption plan or to parent.

Is adoption right for you? We know that you want what is best for your child. Adoption can give you the opportunity to purposefully plan what is the absolute best for your child’s future, as well as your own. Carefully considering all your options is a responsible thing to do. If you decide that you are not able to give your baby the life you want for him/her, adoption may be right for you. Many mothers choose adoption because of a lack of emotional or financial support. Others choose adoption because they want to continue their education. And still others choose adoption because they must reserve their resources to care for the children they are already raising. Whatever your reason, it is absolutely okay. This is your journey and with proper support through counseling, you will find peace with your plan. We believe that adoption is another word for love.