Our Services

Sixty percent of Americans report their lives being touched by adoption. While adoption is part of the fabric of life, there are times when the journey can be particularly challenging. All members of the circle formed through adoption have questions and concerns related to their journey from time to time.

Whether you are an adopted person, a birth family member or an adoptive family member, Catholic Charities can be a resource for you.

  • Counseling -The adoption journey is filled with both joys and challenges.  Individual and family counseling is offered for adopted persons, birth parents, adoptive parents, or anyone whose life has been touched by adoption.  All counseling is offered by professionals with specialized training in adoption-competent practice.
  • Intermediary Services – Relationships between birth families and adoptive families are particularly unique and require special attention.  Adoption-competent counselors can help facilitate interactions and meeting among all members of the circle formed by adoption. Such intermediary services lead to strong, healthy, and enduring relationships.
  • Consultation, Research, Search & Reunion – Consultation with counselors experienced in search and reunion-related issues is available.  For previous clients of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, case file research to provide background and medical information is available.