Adoption Matters – Shreveport

Taking the first step in the adoption journey can be intimidating. Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge is here to help. Join us for a free, one-hour seminar, entitled Adoption Matters, on Saturday, March 9th from 1 pm to 2 pm at University Church of Christ in Shreveport. Families will have the opportunity to meet our team of dedicated, experienced social workers and learn more about the process of finding families for children. Registration is required for this free event and space is limited. Register online by clicking here.

Not sure how to start your adoption journey? Here are three ways to begin.

  1. Learn more about the process.

In order to make an informed decision, families should learn more about the details of the adoption process, including everything from how to get started to how families are matched with children and how an adoption is finalized. Families should also consider the adoption process that they are most comfortable with – domestic or international. Each process will have its own eligibility requirements so it’s important for families to become familiar with the requirements for the adoption of their choice. We encourage families to ask questions and learn as much as they can from reliable adoption resources such as The Child Welfare Information Gateway and The National Council for Adoption.  Attending an informational seminar such as the upcoming Adoption Matters event is also a great way to get an overview and learn more.

  • Learn more about the children who need families.

As families dream of growing their family, they should learn more about the children who are in need of families. Are you open to a domestic or international child? What race will you consider? Are you comfortable adopting a child with a special needs? These are important questions to consider as you take that first step toward parenthood.

  • Learn more about adoption agencies.

When considering adoption, families should also research available adoption agencies in their area. It is a good idea to meet with agency staff members and social workers and to ask questions regarding agency-specific processes. Families should keep in mind that certain agencies have specialties and accreditations that allow them to provide specific adoption services. Families may also consider adoption attorneys and whether this is the right choice for their journey. Ultimately, families should select an agency or attorney with whom they are most comfortable. The agency should be supportive and knowledgeable of the process.

Over the past 56 years, Catholic Charities of Baton Rouge has helped create hundreds of families through adoption. All of these adoption journeys began with that one first step. Join us on Saturday, March 9th from 1 pm to 2 pm at University Church of Christ in Shreveport to learn more about adoption. The Adoption Matters seminar could be your first step in a journey that changes lives.