Birthmom Strong: Elizabeth’s Story

Happy National Adoption Month! To celebrate, we will be sharing stories and videos of those involved in the adoption process, or what is known as the Adoption Triad. This week we are exploring the experiences of birthparents. The following is Elizabeth’s* story. She worked with Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge to make […]

What We’re Watching: the Adopted Life

Angela Tucker, an adult transracial adopted person, interviews transracially adopted children and young adults from China, Vietnam, Ethiopia and the US about important topics such as growing up with parents of a different race, loss of culture and history and search. She also talks about the need of transracially adopted young people to be connected […]

What We’re Reading: Bubba Watson’s Journey

Recently we came across an article about professional golfer Bubba Watson and his wife, Angie’s, journey to becoming adoptive parents.  Bubba and Angie shared about some of the challenges they faced on the road to becoming an adoptive family. They talk about their experience with rejection, one of the lifelong themes of adoption, as they […]

Why We Are Hague Accredited

Catholic Charities’ Hague Accreditation has been renewed for four more years. Currently, Catholic Charities is one of only two Hague accredited agencies in Louisiana and achieving this accreditation requires more work for both our staff and the families we work with. Then why we do it? Accreditation sets the standard for competent, ethical adoption practice […]

The Importance of Post-Placement Reporting

After a child joins your family through adoption, typically there is a period of time when your social worker visits with you in your home to make sure that everyone is adjusting and you are beginning to bond. Often times, your social worker is able to provide reassurance that things are on the right track. […]

Adoption Tax Credit Has Been Saved!

As you have likely seen in the news, many changes have been proposed for the latest tax bill.  One of the proposed changes was the elimination of the Adoption Tax Credit, as well as tax benefits for employer provided adoption benefits.  Through the advocacy efforts from people like you, both have been saved! This is […]