Celebrate National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month is designed to draw attention to the needs of waiting children and to celebrate adoption as a beautiful way to build a family.  It also promotes the option of adoption for those who can not adequately provide for the needs of their child.

President Gerald Ford, an adopted person himself, proclaimed the first National Adoption Week in 1976.  In 1990, Nation Adoption Week was expanded to include the entire month of November.  It also includes National Adoption Day which is observed in courthouses across the country as thousands of adoptions are finalized simultaneously. This year National Adoption Day is November 20.

A few ways you can celebrate National Adoption Month:

  • Light a candle and say a prayer for those whose lives have been touched by adoption
  • Buy a good children’s book about adoption and donate it to your child’s school library (and yes, they really do exist).
  • Donate to a non-profit organization that supports adoption or woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.
  • Or tell us how your family celebrates