Giselle arrived at Catholic Charities in complete distress and despair. She had hidden her pregnancy from her family and friends, but her pregnancy was beginning to show, and she could no longer live with the secret.   The father of her baby did not know that she was pregnant.   He was parenting a teenager that had just turned 18 and was excited about his empty nest. Giselle was scared that Jacob would be angry with her, when he found out about the baby. Giselle did not have any idea of what her parenting plan would be for her child. She was the single parent of a very active 3 year old son, and she was not sure she could parent another child. Giselle wanted to consider an adoption plan. She began counseling and educating herself about her rights, openness in adoption, and birthparent post-adoption grief. She thought she was about 4-5 months pregnant, but had not yet seen a doctor. She needed an immediate appointment, but was unable to get one through her own efforts. The maternity social worker at CC helped Giselle with her Medicaid application and also secured an appointment for her that day with an OB/GYN. The doctor informed Giselle that she was not 4, but 8 months pregnant and could deliver at any time.   When Giselle finally told the baby’s father about their pregnancy, and her desire for an adoption, Jacob was hesitantly supportive of her plan. He was not opposed to parenting again, as she thought he might be, and he was worried that their baby would be placed with “strangers.”   Jacob began joining Giselle in her appointments at Catholic Charities. They worked closely with the maternity and adoptive family social workers to define exactly what they were looking for in a family for their child. They wanted a family that would have the same goals and dreams for their baby as they did. When finally shown adoptive family profiles, Jacob and Giselle beamed with joy when they looked at the profile of Jim and Sarah. The two couples began meeting regularly before the baby was born to build a foundation for an open adoption and future relationship. After the birth of the baby, both couples wanted an open adoption with continued communication through texts, exchanged pictures, and visits. Three weeks later, Giselle delivered a beautiful baby girl, Hayley. Jim and Sarah stayed at the hospital with Giselle and Jacob, and they took care of Hayley together. Hayley is now 11 months old. She is healthy, happy and secure with her adoptive family. Jim and Sarah are not “strangers” to Giselle and Jacob. The two couples and Hayley frequently exchange information, pictures, and share visits. Giselle is doing well. She is parenting her son and still in a relationship with Jacob. Giselle said, “I almost get giddy when I see Hayley with her family. I miss her, but she is with who God designed to parent her, and it makes me so happy.”