The Importance of Post-Placement Reporting

After a child joins your family through adoption, typically there is a period of time when your social worker visits with you in your home to make sure that everyone is adjusting and you are beginning to bond. Often times, your social worker is able to provide reassurance that things are on the right track. If there are challenges, your social worker can help you address these challenges by providing support and information. If needed, your social worker will also make referrals to local agencies so your family can successfully overcome these challenges. For families who adopt internationally, post-adoption reporting is even more important. Many countries such as Ethiopia and Kazakhstan have closed their adoption programs because of concerns for the well-being of the children who were adopted abroad. Post-placement reports allow others to see that children adopted internationally are thriving in their new families. And for your social worker, witnessing your family grow and your child thrive during the course of post-placement supervision is the best part of the process.

If you have adopted internationally and have questions about post-placement reports, contact Paula Davis, our International Adoption Social Worker.