What We’re Reading: Fran Hampton’s Reunion

In the world of adoption, the phrase “Search and Reunion” can be controversial. It refers to adopted people and/or birth parents trying to connect with each other after placement, and it usually happens once the adopted person is an adult. When an adopted person searches for his or her birth parents, it is usually about a search for their identity and not a negative reflection of their relationship with their adoptive parents. Those who search typically have a good relationship with their adoptive parents, and that gives them the freedom and support to search and find out more about their history. Search and Reunion can be a complex journey, but with the right support and preparation it can be very fulfilling.

Fran Hampton, a birth mother, shared her story of reuniting with her son she placed for adoption with FACE magazine in 2010. Fran shared about the great love she felt for her son when he was born, and how she never forgot about him as the years passed. She also talked about her hopes that he would one day search for her, because she did not want to “intrude” on his life and search for him. All of these feelings are common for the birth parents we work with. The magazine reconnected with her recently to see how she is doing. We enjoyed the article and hope you will, too. Click below to read it!


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