USCIS Message Regarding Nepali Adoptions

USCIS recognizes that many U.S. citizens wish to help and adopt Nepali children affected by the recent earthquake. USCIS cautions that adoption by a U.S. citizen, by itself, does not make the child a U.S. citizen or immediately eligible to immigrate to the United States. Before a child may immigrate to the United States immediately […]

7 Tips for Adopted Parents at the Beginning of School

Every year right about this time, children everywhere are going back to school. The lines at Walmart are long and shopping carts are full of brand new box of crayons and brightly colored spiral bound notebooks. As thoughts turn to school, parents of adopted kids often wonder if they need to do anything extra to […]

Russian Adoptions In The News

An Opportunity for Conversation For the past several weeks, there has been daily news reports of the furor related to the adoption of a child from Russia. Along with the news reports, many media personalities are speaking about adoption. As adoptive parents, you know that there are stories behind the stories and that many of […]

In the News: Group works to clear adoption misconceptions

Abortion alternative presented by Mark H. Hunter, Special to The Advocate Published in The Advocate, 3/5/2016   Nina, a waitress who works in a busy New York City restaurant, discovers she is pregnant and decides to have an abortion because, she tells a friend, “I can’t even take care of myself, let alone a baby.” […]

Honoring Birth Mothers

Mother’s Day can be a difficult time for all members of the adoption triad. It can be especially painful for woman who had made an adoption plan. In recognition of the loving decision these courageous women have made, we encourage you to remember your child’s birth mother on Mother’s Day or Birth Mother’s Day. Birth […]

Are you watching TLC’s “Long Lost Family” ?

Posted by BraveLove TLC’s new TV series Long Lost Family premiered this week (Sundays 10/9C), and we can’t stop thinking about it. The documentary series features family members trying to reunite with birthparents, biological families, or children placed for adoption. In the premiere, we watched two different stories unfold… Throughout the highly-emotional and personal show, […]

Use Caution Before Seeing Despicable Me

You may be considering going to see Despicable Me, starring Steve Carrell. Before you go, please do some research. We learned this from an adoptive family who was caught off guard by the negative adoption themes in the movie. We suggest families be prepared and read some reviews before going to see Despicable Me. Read below to […]

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Multicultural Family?

These 7 questions will help you assess whether you’re ready to adopt transracially or cross-culturally. Maya Brown-Zimmerman — March 22, 2016 As parents, we like to think that love is enough. If we just love our children hard enough, it’ll make up for whatever pitfalls we have in our parenting. If we tell our children […]

What One Adoptive Mom Would Say to her Son’s Birth Mother

Writer Susanne Paola Antonetta shares what she would say to her son Jin’s biological mother if she ever had the chance to meet her: Every Mother’s Day, I think about a particular mother. She is not my mother, nor my husband’s, but she is my son’s, and she means more to me than any person I can think of […]

The Adopted Life — 1st Episode!

  Angela Tucker’s The Adopted Life is a short video series that gives a great inside look into the world of transracial adoption. Click on the picture below to view the first episode featuring 6 transracially adopted youth from Washington D.C. “Adoption is a often a time of great joy for adoptive parents, whilst a […]