Adapted from: Adoptive Families Online What’s in a Name? For a child who joins his family with his own history, his own culture—his own name—the story’s rarely rooted in the pages of a baby names book. AF readers share how they made the naming decision. All parents want to choose the perfect name for their […]

Adoption Language

Adapted from: Adoptive Families Magazine, Positive Adoption Language, May 19, 2009 The way we talk—and the words we choose—say a lot about what we think and value. When we use positive adoption language, we say that adoption is a way to build a family just as birth is. Both are important, but one is not more […]

Thompson Named Angel in Adoption

  Upon the recommendation of Rep. Bill Cassidy, Barbara Thompson was honored with the prestigious Angel in Adoption award. She is seen receiving her award from Congressman Cassidy and David Aguillard, CCDBR Executive Director. Barbara has over 30 years of experience in adoptions and joined the Adoption & Maternity department in 2005. She is a […]

In Conjunction with National Adoption Month Celebration

  CCDIOBR Maternity & Adoption Department Honors Mike and Vicki Hoormann Vicki and Mike Hoormann had been praying to find a ministry in which they could serve together as a couple. Their desire to help the Catholic community fit perfectly with the need of the Maternity and Adoption Department of Catholic Charities who was searching […]

Sanctuary for Life Provides Refuge During Pregnancy

    Victoria leaves home at 4:30 in the morning and returns about 9 at night. She is holding down two jobs, trying to save her money. She doesn’t want for the baby girl she is expecting in December to grow up in the way she did. Victoria never had a permanent place to rest […]

Download SAMHSA’s Free “KnowBullying” App

All around the country kids are going back to school.   Ideally, this is not an issue you have to worry about, however, statistics show that 1 in 3 U.S. students say that they have been bullied at school. The “KnowBullying” App will teach parents and guardians how to recognize the warning signs and how to […]

Corporal Punishment vs Child Abuse

Corporal punishment is currently legal in all 50 US states. This means that a parent can spank his/her child as a form of discipline, so long as the force used is “reasonable”. What is considered reasonable, however, varies from state to state. Generally speaking though, the line between corporal punishment and child abuse is considered […]

God in Adoption

  Often when we meet an adoptive parent, or any member of an adoptive family, we are prompted to say “It was God’s plan” (or some version thereof), in response to their story.  While we may mean it to be encouraging or complimentary, it may not always be perceived that way by the person who […]

OLOM Mary’s Club Hosts Baby Shower

  On October 6th, Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School hosted a baby shower to benefit Catholic Charities’ Sanctuary for Life program. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Sherri Montagnino and the student members of Mary’s Club for their generosity and support.  Thank you! For more information about hosting a baby shower, […]