Meet Luke and Sarah

Dear expectant parents,

Know that you and your family have been in our prayers daily and our hearts go out to you during this process. We have been married for nine years but have been together for 15. We have always dreamed of a big family and have considered adoption as part of that from the beginning. Luke is graduating in May ’24 to start a career as a history teacher. Luke enjoys reading, hiking, hunting, fishing, playing D&D, raising his chickens and painting models. Sarah is a behavior analyst or therapist for children with autism in an early intervention center (18 month-4 years olds.) Sarah enjoys hiking, working out, embroidering/cross stitching, baking and gardening. We have three beautiful children now: Colette 7, Gianni 6, and Brielle 3. Our family enjoys many things together such as hiking, fishing, playing backyard baseball, gardening, and raising our chickens. Thank you for taking the time to consider us, and we hope the best for you and your future.